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Caesar Dynasty Collection

The Home of the finest collection of the actual performance Macaloney GW & P pigeons. One of the finest racing lofts in Europe with record breaking UK statistics to match.

"From one of the most successful lofts in all of Europe. The continued and uninterrupted success of the family of pigeons that the Macaloney’s have created over the last 2 decades is totally unrivalled and will probably never matched let alone beaten. The records they have set, smashed and re-set will stand for millennium.  This is indeed the best team of racing, breeding and performance pigeons that have ever been offered up for sale without reserve for many, many years".
Les Green
Northern Premier Pigeon Auctions
"Absolutely smashed it mate, this is some collection and the foundation of a world class stud".
GW & P Pigeons

RPLofts Proprietor: Lee Fribbins

Essex, United Kingdom

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